3D Metal Printing

New Metal Composites

3D Printing for Industrial + Aerospace


BNNT’s can be sintered with metal alloys and composites using nanoscale 3D printing technology to create new materials with incredible mechanical properties for industrial, military and aerospace applications.

Nano dimensional 3D printing of metals has only recently been achieved and this breakthrough technology provides the industry with the opportunity to develop very accurate micro-products. Metals such as aluminium and titanium have been used in the 3D printing process to create uniquely formed parts not previously achievable with existing machining methods and micro casts. When BNNT’s are added with the metal composites they are compatibly integrated at high temperatures to form new and better composite materials for nanoscale printing. These new composites are stronger, harder, lighter and more resistant to wear and high temperatures. BNNT’s can also be used in this process to create bearing surface enhancement and other metallurgical treatments as well as metal veneering for applicable applications. It is predicted that 3D metal printing using BNNT’s will become a major new industry for creating lighter, stronger and more useful materials, parts and products on an industrial scale.



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