Electronic Thermal Packaging

Thermal Conductive Materials

Creating New Ways to Innovate Current Technology


Improved disbursement of heat in computer chips and electronic components for smaller faster computer-based products.

Computer chips and electronic components are usually encased with an insulative coating that can dissipate a certain level of heat from the functioning component combination and microcircuitry. Some of these components create enormous heat in their process which is detrimental to their long term structural integrity and performance. Materials used in thermal packaging have not changed significantly for decades and the problems associated with overheating and component failure remain.

BNNT’s can be used in the formulation and design of electronic component packaging to greatly accelerate the dissipation of heat and protect the device. BNNT’s can be integrated and aligned to allow heat to move away from the component core quickly and more effectively.

The unique architecture of BNNT’s provides a revolution for future computer chip designs along with heralding a new era in creating even smaller components with increased processing capability. BNNT’s will enable electronic products to be manufactured smaller, lighter, faster and safer. This will provide new opportunities in biomedical products, microelectronics and computing, space projects, drones, defence systems, and wearable electronic products.



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